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My title - Paytm.In - recharge failed but balance (paytm cash) deducted

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Post  Guest on Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:15 pm

I understood that overconfidence can kill people and I suppose that is what it happened to me, before this incident people might have read my comments on grahakseva singing all praises for paytm.Com online recharge portal, but my trust broke today early morning when I tried to recharge my virgin cdma number but the recharge amount was not credited to my balance but the paytm cash vanished, great. This opened my eyes that all the online portals are same, though the amount was a small amount of 70 inr, it made me realize how blindly how I was trusting this site....
their (paytm) customer care at care@paytm.Com was quick to reply with some copy paste material like .."we have checked with the operator and they have confirmed that the recharge has been successfully delivered.

We request you to kindly contact virgin cdma customer care to confirm the status of your recharge."

And that too..within minutes of submitting my mail... seems they are super fast..this makes me how come so soon they found out..and talked with my operator with all the details..

my order no. 35876496
amount lost - 70 inr


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