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Post  COMPLAINT_BOT on Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:30 pm the broadband service provider is gulling the public of India in broad-day light.
The company is selling it’s Wireless Internet Plans by showing the Bandwidth as the Downloadspeed.
For those who do not know what is the Bandwidth & Download speed.
Bandwidth = Let me explain you by the analogy, Bandwidth is similar to say 3feet waterpipe line installed on the city roads by the Corporation
Downloadspeed = Half inch water line coming to your house.
Now imagine of the total Bandwidth of 3feet line only half inch get’s delivered to your house.
As per TRAI the Bandwidth to Downloadspeed ratio can be maximum upto 1:50 for home internet use. (This is also called the contention/compression ratio) Normally in wireless infrastructure it can be in the range of 1:8 to 1:20.
Please check this ratio before buying ANY internet connection. As most of the internet service providers including do not disclose this ratio, which shall reveal their actual Download speed. Not only that they misquote the Bandwidth as Download speed in their brochers/websites etc. Further the callcentre guys are trained to further gullying you by making you believe that the actual Download speed is what has been quoted, by saying that their systems shows this as Download speed.
For eg. if you take the Tikona Plan: ADBB699 Unlimited Plan.
Monthly rental: Rs.699/-
Company shows the Download speed as 2MBPS for 7.5GB usage & thereafter 512kbps. {this is actually the bandwidth}.
In reality the customer will get download speed of 256kbps [2MBPS=2048kbps divided by 8] for 7.5GB usage & thereafter
only 64kbps [512kbps divided by 8]…
Hope you got present to reality @64kpbs the plan is nowhere close to what you expect from an highspeed internet broadband connection.
WAKE UP!!!! and lets fight against the company who take consumers on ride!!!


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