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Post  Admin on Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:53 pm

Recently I booked A mobile phone at SULEKHA.COM

These were the terms at the time of booking :

This product will be shipped to your address

This product will ship on or before Jun 11 2012.

If the product does not ship before Jun 11 2012, you will get a 100% refund.

All products sold on Sulekha Deals are brand new and 100% genuine

The term:
"order# SUL5557485656 is ready to ship and will be shipped on or before 11/06/12" is ambiguous and deceitful. The order will be shipped on or before 11/06/12 to my address or from seller's end? Before booking I had confirmed with the seller's phone in service it was to "my address", but now after booking it has become from "seller's end". The delay due to change in terms may be small but the felling of being conned and trapped is very bad and intolerable. If they can't deliver the shipment to my address on or before 11/06/12 then they should cancel my order and refund to my A/C.
These cunning cheaters 've conned me in to this deal and they will continue to do this to others.

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